Wide Area Network Optimisation

WAN & Application Optimisation

Wide Area Network (WAN) is about improving the performance of business applications and services over WAN connections.

Many organizations are striving to manage this traffic to optimize the response times of critical applications and reduce costs, given that bandwidth continues to represent a significant proportion of operating expenditure for wide-area data networks.

Controllers are installled in data centres, remote branches or as software on remote client devices which limits recreational traffic, reclaims bandwidth for critical applications and improves all application response times.

Application acceleration and IT consolidation

With network traffic growing exponentially, application performance and WAN optimisation are two of the biggest IT challenges that CIO’s face. Computrad provide comprehensive solutions for monitoring and managing network resources and bandwidth, while meeting user expectations for fast application response. WAN Optimisation allows organisations to improve delivery and performance by utillsing existing circuits to full potential.

Key benefits of WAN Optimisation

Application Acceleration and Optimisation

WAN Optimisation enables enterprises to:

  • Increase WAN speeds without adding expensive bandwidth
  • Improve response times to deliver LAN-likeperformance for all applications
  • Quick return on investment
  • Transfer files and applications in real time
  • Improve disaster recovery
  • Improve end user productivity
  • Preserving and optimising VoIP quality
  • Accelerate business critical applications while restricting P2P and recreational applications
  • Total visibility and control of your networkapplications

Getting More Out of Your Microsoft Applications

Many organizations have deployed Microsoft applications in their networks including windows file sharing, Exchange and Outlook for email, SharePoint services for portal and collaboration, database services using MS-SQL, domain and directory services with Active Directory. Users are finding that these applications are not designed to operate efficiently over a wide area network due to the following characteristics –“low bandwidth” , “high latency” and application “chattiness”. WAN Optimisation offers various technologies to help organisations overcome these challenges.

Datacentre Replication

Resilient application delivery requires replicating the entire application infrastructure in the data centre to one or more disaster recovery sites. Using WAN Optimisation controllers to accelerate traffic to remote disaster recovery sites, results in cutting data replication windows from hours to minutes.

How can WAN Optimisation benefit my business?

High Return of Investment (ROI)

Adopting a WAN accelerator solution improves application performance across the WAN typically 5 to 50 times, and can reduce WAN bandwidth utilisation by 65 to 95%.

Utilising solutions that encorporate multi features such as Application Acceleration, WAN Optimisation, Wide Area File Services (WAFS), Quality of Service (QoS) and Traffic Shaping and Caching result in a high ROI.

Ensure delivery of business critical applications

Organisations’ networks and applications are increasingly vulnerable to the adverse effects of peer-to-peer and recreational Internet traffic such as BitTorrent, Facebook and YouTube. A single bandwidth-hogging employee using a P2P application may result in the entire branch office suffering from slow CRM access or degraded VoIP quality.

QoS immediately ensures that the applications running the business are running unimpeded on the WAN. It is not just prioritization, but includes sophistication to combat congestion and rate control shaping to make sure flows get the bandwidth they need.

With both compression and QoS, WAN Optimisation will turn an expensive and low-bandwidth WAN into a strategic asset that will perform better, deliver more, and ensure business priorities are met.

WAN Optimisation Made Easy

Computrad will recommend WAN optimisation solutions to allows organisations to instantly gain deep visibility into all network activity and identify why applications are performing poorly on the WAN. Providing network visibility, control and optimization in a single, affordable, “plug-and-play” appliance, Computrad allows organisations to rapidly identify bottlenecks, control recreational traffic and intelligently accelerate applications.

Make Computrad your first choice for WAN Optimisation

Computrad has implemented WAN Optimisation for a wide range of company sizes and industry types globally. We have assisted the US Federal, e-gaming companies, government, law firms, charities, and universities.

Computrad has the finest WAN Optimisation capabilities. We are experienced design consultants and technical staff who are trained in the implementation and support of products such as Riverbed, Citrix, Juniper, BlueCoat and Expand.

Our experts are vendor agnostic so we can provide objective non-biased solutions across the entire WAN environment – you can be assured of a solution that is tailored to your requirements based on the optimum configuration of hardware, software and specialist services.

WAN Optimisation requires expertise across the entire life of the project if you are to gain the full benefit. Computrad provides full end to end integration services from consulting, planning, design, project management builds, implementation.

The right solution for a wide range of problems

Whether you are looking for an easier way to manage and improve your WAN, reduce costs, improve Disaster Recovery, better utilise and/or consolidate your WAN connections, there is a solution for your business. For more



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