Premium Player Protection P3


Increased Player Protection and provides an Increase in Profits

Computrad’s P3 (Premium Player Protection) Service

Computrad, a leading eGaming infrastructure and Security provider specialising in the eGaming market, have a solutionthat reduces costs for eGaming operators by minimising charge-backs and addresses concerns that the European Court of Justice has about player protection whilst also protecting the players themselves from fraud attacks such as phishing, account hackingand theft.

Operator benefits

  • Minimise credit card chargebacks from players who may have indicated that their credit cards have been stolen or are being misused. The fact that they have logged in and authenticated using the system means that a state of non-repudiation comes into effect thereby reducing fraud costs that typically operators incur.
  • Addresses concerns raised by the European Court of Justice about players needing more protection.
  • Increased marketing opportunities using branding– software or hardware client devices can be branded in the company / game image
  • A complete fulfilment and distribution service - reducing issues with cross-border duties and taxes

Player Protection

  • Phishing- player is challenged by the system to input a One Time Password that changes each time it is used. This means that if the player is not challenged – then they will know they are not on the correct site.
  • Account hacking, theft and ID protection - players credentials arenowkept safe as key-loggers and Trojansare rendered ineffective.
  • Secures online payments and fund transfers for a players.

Computrad can supply the solution in two variants

Computrad P3

The solution aids in substantially reducing credit card chargebacks and eradicates phishing attacks, account hacking and identity theft.

  • The Computrad P3 service enables eGaming operators to embed the industry leading Vasco authentication technology into their eGaming software application – e.g. poker, casino, sportsbook etc.
    • This means that our unique technology becomes part of the eGaming software application via an API and scales with it (22500 deployed users at Partygaming to date) – up to millions of users.
  • We have multiple client options from hardware dongles (DigiPass) to mobile authentication (Java App), an SMS-based solution and even API’s that integrate into client downloads.
    • All client options are treated in exactly the same way and can be configured to multiple options in case one is not suitable to back each other up – keeping the players playing with either phone, token etc.
  • Peak traffic times can be handled easily - Ability to authenticate 10,000 users per second – we can deal with peak activity from events such as sport betting on the World Cup.
  • The security solution is ‘behind-the-scenes’ and seamless – no change to the player experience.

Computrad P3AAAS

Computrad P3AAAS (Authentication As A Service) is a cloud service and is a P3 active monitoring cloud computing service which enables us to provide an active monitoring and management service to our eGaming clients with the following benefits:-

  • The added security of our unique authentication system will protect operators in reducing credit card chargebacks
  • Will allow the operator to gain a competitive advantage by protecting its brand and also its players from phishing attacks, account hacking and identity theft
  • Out-of-the box robust software authentication service for eGaming enterprise security: a simple addition to the existing infrastructure
  • Powered by VASCO’s core VACMAN® authentication platform, Identikey Server is flexible yet robust enough to offer the highest level of security.
  • Enables secure authentication of players online
  • Adding more players and even new applications is as simple as purchasing more licenses
  • 24/7 support for PIN or token resets, lost token replacements
  • Simple Self-activation of client devices
    • Telephone callout serviced activation to enable uptake by issued players on the P3 - AAAS
  • Complete package includes global distribution and logistics to your players.
  • P3AAASReporting and Audit function
  • PPP service enables secure authentication without access to sensitive eGaming data.
  • Reduce the support requirements of your IT department allowing them to focus on other eGaming more strategic IT issues.



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