New iGaming Operators / Startups

We have helped many new iGaming operators get to where they are now

Computrad specialise in the exciting world of remote gaming.

Computrad has historically helped many new operators become some of the largest and most dominant operators in the market offering gaming specific IT system design, planning, support and our years of experience and knowledge in this unique market.

Computrad sit in the space between a hosting provider and the software platform. Computrad designed their system from the start to be highly scalable, cost effective and high performance ensuring great player retention.

A Helping Hand

Computrad (Europe) Holdings support our clients at every step - from design, build, certification, implementation and even supporting and managing the complete datacentre environment if required. Computrad also have strong ties with all the dominant jurisdictions and key decision makers within these organisations so we can assist and provide advice on specific rules, regulations and certification requirements.  If you have not decided upon a software partner we can introduce you to specific leader dependant upon the business objectives of the operator

Computrad (Europe) Holdings are now the only iGaming specific IT infrastructure supplier offering a complete range of enterprise leading IT solutions specifically for the iGaming marketplace.

Flexible Finance for new operators

Computrad understand that as a new operator your money is best spent on marketing and advertising ensuring that you get your brand name out in the market.

This is why we offer flexible finance solutions for new operators. Computrad are the only IT integrator that offer standard rental, lease, payment holidays and customisable payment intervals and amounts. We also have a solution to assist new operators with arranging credit. Flexible Finance

All-in-one solution  for new operators 

Computrad partnered with HP and jointly designed an all in one hardware infrastructure solution specifically for new operators. We used our military R&D team to design the RGS-Xtreme unit to the highest standards ensuring that the unit was high performance, flexible, scalability, reliable and cost effective.

The RGS-Xtreme can be purchased in several ways either outright, financed or as a fully managed solution.

The RGS-Xtreme has the following capabilities:-

  • Application Firewall
  • Virtual Firewall
  • Virtual Switch
  • DDOS Attack Mitigation
  • Load Balancer and Virtual Load balancer
  • Up to 50 Virtual Servers
  • Up to 30 WebServers
  • Up to 8 Database Servers
  • Live Performance Monitoring of players on website
  • Transformation of your data centre into a dynamic delivery centre
  • Storage up to 6TB
  • Out of band management
  • Reduced Cost
  • Scalable Pathway for Growth
  • 24/7, 365 Days a year Full HP warranty

All of this is brought together with one easy to use management interface


Global iGaming Partner

Computrad are the only integrator that can support and install solutions globally, having worked with most of the global operators in locations such as the UK, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Alderney, Malta, Netherland Antilles (Curacao), Costa Rica, Kahnawake in Canada, First Cagayan and North Cagayan in the Philippines. All our iGaming solutions come with full global support.

Global Deployment

Return on Investment

Computrad solutions show a remarkable return on investment (ROI) of sometimes merely a few months by reducing credit cards fraud/chargebacks, mitigating DDOS attacks and with increased website performance this will yield instant returns noticeable immediately/Return on Investment


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