Reduced Backup Windows & Disaster Recovery

Protection of your data is quite easy. You simply take everything and copy it somewhere remotely so that it's there in the unfortunate event of a disaster.

Whilst conceptually seeming easy the truth is doing it efficiently and reliably is not so easy. Wan Optimisation solutions from Computrad can help you protect more data, recover it faster, and save money.
For an eGaming operator a backup window needs to be as small as possible. So in what way can we achieve this ?

Computrad offer solutions to reduce the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) by 90 percent and radically reduce Recovery Time Objective (RTO) by optimizing backups between your datacentres. This protects servers, SANs, NAS etc. This ensures players can continue to operate at full capacity in the event of major or minor disruptions. Computrad replicates data at high speeds and transfers huge data loads over your WAN between your datacenters to accelerate your recovery point objective and recovery time objective.

In the event of a major outage, disaster, or disruption to your IT network, you’ll need to get back to regular operations as quickly as possible. In most cases the biggest challenge to accomplishing this is figuring out how to move terabytes of data across your WAN, fast.

WAN optimization solutions from Computrad offers both industry-leading network visibility and accelerated data replication that work with your existing storage and backup applications.
Computrad optimizes disaster recovery across the widest range of backup mechanisms, with no changes to your software or storage. That means your eGaming operation can leverage its previous investments into a faster, more reliable disaster recovery solution.



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