Real time player monitoring- VIP Player retention

“Computrad and Gomez Actual Experience” – Increase revenue Per Player Through Quality Web Experiences

Actual Experience, Computrad with Gomez’s browser-based real-user monitoring solution, measures performance from the most critical vantage point — that of your players. With it, you will understand how Website performance differs by player characteristics such as browser type, geography, ISP and connection speed, and the resultant impact on business metrics such as Cost per Acquisition and VIP Player satisfaction and retention.

Actual Experience enables eGaming operators, from the perspective of their players, to monitor, find and resolve eGaming Applications performance, availability and quality problems across the entire Web Application Delivery Chain..

Web Application Delivery Chain

Delivered on-demand, Computrad/Gomez Actual Experience does not require hardware installation or maintenance. Key capabilities include:

  • Browser-based real-player performance monitoring across all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Java-enabled mobile devices such as Apple iPhones and RIM BlackBerries
  • Link page views including cost per acquisition and player conversion/abandonment rates to website performance and player satisfaction – fantastic tool for player retention
  • Capture detailed player-side performance metrics for AJAX, Flash, Flex and Silverlight applications
  • “Above the fold” page load time metrics across multiple browsers and screen sizes
  • Quantify satisfaction levels of real players interacting with your application
  • Pinpoint problems by player segments including VIP’s and groups that you define via flexible charting
  • Measure the impact of third parties (e.g., content accelerators, ad delivery services) on overall performance

Why Use Computrad and Gomez Actual Experience?

Key reasons to use Computrad/Gomez Actual Experience as part of your complete eGaming Web and mobile Web experience management solution include:

  • Protect revenue-generating pages and transactions for all your players
  • Understand the impact that geography, mobile devices and different browsers have on performance for your players
  • Correlate your players performance issues to business goals such as cost per qcquisition, conversion rates, page views and player satisfaction – Reduce Churn rate
  • Deliver a satisfying experience to all your players
  • Improve player retention levels by optimizing eGaming Web application and RIA performance for players
  • Ensure that key VIP and other player segments can complete transactions successfully and are satisfied
  • Reduce cost per acquisition and operational costs with faster detection and resolution of problems
  • Prioritize performance issues based on the severity of the VIP Player and business impact
  • Detect and solve player and eGaming application problems that are undetected by other solutions
  • Observe third party providers and see how their contributions (ads, analytics, CDN, search, etc.) perform—for your players
  • Ensure optimal Rich eGaming Internet Application performance across players, browsers, mobile devices and geographies
  • Monitor and improve performance of Rich eGaming Internet Applications like AJAX, Flash and Flex
  • Capture detailed player-side RIA performance metrics for multiple browsers
  • Measure custom events and application requests inside AJAX, Flash and Flex pages

When to Use Computrad/Gomez Actual Experience

Computrad/Gomez Actual Experience measures all aspects of your playrs’ experiences, including the perceived performance (e.g., “above the fold” page performance) of an eGaming Web application, download times, abandonment rates, service consistency, custom event timings of Web 2.0 technologies (such as AJAX and Flash Progressive downloads) and geographic disparities. Use Actual Experience when:

  • Monitoring Day-to-Day eGaming Application Performance Across Geographies and Multiple Browsers
  • Deploying and Optimizing New Rich eGaming Internet Applications Using Technologies such as AJAX, Flex, Flash, and Silverlight
  • Triaging Troubleshooting Efforts Based on the Greatest Impact to Players and your eGaming business
  • Evaluating Performance and Satisfaction by player segment including VIP’s and the Impact on your eGaming business operation by seeing results such as Conversions and Abandonment
  • Reduce your eGaming player churn rate
  • Increase Revenue per Player
  • Reduce your cost per acquisition of a new player

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