Factored-In Software

Minimise the losses to a betting and gaming client from 'sharp' customers by identifying


To deliver a solution to minimise the losses to a betting and gaming client from 'sharp' customers by identifying,

through a shared - but encrytped - database, which will highlight when they have a low risk factor applied to them on other sportsbooks.

The concept will allow member operators to pool intelligence about the activities of customers and through shared, but encrypted, data mining allow each operator to compare whether a newly acquired customer is a high risk 'sharp' or a low risk 'mug' player.


  • Each participating betting operator (BO) will submit their encrypted data to a central database
  • Each BO will subscribe to participate and update the data regularly
  • When a player signs up on the registration form on a BO website the database will be queried to see if there is a match (partial or full) against the comparison fields. This will be done when the submit button is hit.
  • The data will be encrypted and sent in real-time to the central Factored-In database to be checked
  • The results will be fed back in real-time - while the player is still in the deposit process on the BO website
  • The Factored-In software will assign a percentage probability of a match to a known player on the database when the registration form is submitted
  • The software will also advise the number of other BO showing a positive match for the same player - it will not disclose which BO they are.
  • The Factored-In software will also give an average of the actual risk factor being assigned currently to that
    player across the BO's showing a match.
  • Factored-In will use the typical industry standard factoring system of:-
    • o = able to bet to 100% of the available book liability/event liability
    • o 0.5 = able to bet to 50% of the available book liability/event liability
    • o = able to bet to 200% of the available book liability/event liability
      Typically a player on a risk factor of 1.0 represents an 'average' player and therefore minimal risk
      A player with a risk factor of more than 1.0 (for example 2.0) represents no risk and is allowed to bet with very little restriction.

A player on a risk factor of LESS than 1.0 (ie. 0.5 or 0.1) represents a significant risk

A player on a risk factor of 0.01 is a high risk player (a sharp) and is considered undesirable by the vast majority of BO's It’s worth noting that some BO's keep a few high risk players on their books as an 'early warning system' of price movements, arbitrage or bad pricing.


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