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Reduce your Payment Processing Charges

Our management team at Computrad have been involved in the online gaming industry for more than 7 years and understand that it is an exciting, robust business which will continue to grow and adapt for many years to come.

Wherever 7995 is allowed, we will process payments - just tell us your challenges and we will tailor make a package to overcome them. Through our global partnership network we can offer solutions for many opportunities and challenges you as a gaming platform may face, for example;

Reduce Issuing Card Decline Rates & Reduce Card Percentages and Transaction

Many eGaming operators are regularly paying more than they need to with percentage rates for credit cards. But you need to be wary of banks offering 0% rates since they often make the money back on interchange fees and transactional fees.

Computrad can help in 2 ways

  1. We can reduce the overall price being paid as a package which not only looks at % rates but also the overall costs including transactional fees and interchange fees
  2. The decline rate of credit cards for an operator means lost revenue especially if it is an “05” decline. The “05” Decline is a banks code for declining a card for no particular reason.

We can help decrease your costs and increase your profitability.

See the example below:-

If you are currently processing approximately 125,000 credit card transactions per month and, lets say the issuing bank declines 1% of all credit cards attempted to be processed. Now let’s put an average bet size in of say 30 Euros per transaction.

The savings are illustrated below.

Cost Saving by choosing Computrad Solution

Scenario 1

Transactions Per MONTH
"05" Issuing Bank Decline percentage rate
Average Bet size per transaction
Euros Lost on declines per MONTH
Euros Lost on Declines per YEAR


€ 30.00
€ 18,750.00
€ 225,000.00

€ 225,0 00.00

Minimum Cost Savings achieved by reducing transactional cost, % and interchange fee per YEAR € 50,000.00
Total Additional Savings per Year (This is worst case scenario you will save much more!!) € 275,000.00

Game monetization

Offering your players the right billing models that suit both the game and their wallets is crucial. Whether your business model is based on download-to-own (DTO), subscriptions, pay-per-play or item selling via micro payments or account credits, there are billing strategies and payment methods to suit each option. Through our strategic partnership network we can arrange the handling of all these options to suit your needs.

Reaching the right target audience anywhere in the world

As the gaming market is so diverse, it is important to offer your audience various different payment methods to cater to all demographics and emerging markets. Computrad can not only set you up with all standard payment methods such as credit cards but also alternative solutions e.g. eWallets, pre-paid cards or vouchers which are popular with younger players or in emerging markets that don't yet have much credit card penetration. Through our network we also have access to a large variety of local payment methods ranging from Boleto's in Brazil to iDeal real time banking in the Netherlands, to name but a
few. Computrad can set you up with the most suitable solution for any gaming platform or community.

Gold Farming fraud prevention

While Gold Farming is an inevitable part of online gaming, measures can be taken to minimize the transaction risk. Computrad can offer you a customized Fraud Screening Service through our close partnership's with the best Fraud prevention specialists, which takes all variables of your business into account while transactions are pre-checked for fraudulent use of credit cards or
those known to be linked to recognized gold farmers. Our scalable Fraud Screening Service furthermore features a range of integrated fraud reduction tools from renowned partners to maximize transaction safety, including customized business rules, neural networks to detect suspicious behaviours and patterns, and IP geolocation data to determine the real-world location of a web visitor and break down consumer details to country, state or city level.

Real-time processing

A cardinal rule for online payments in the gaming industry is the necessity to process payments quickly. Through our global partnership network, the payment methods we offer such as cards, eWallets and direct debits via real-time banking can be processed instantaneously. We can also ensure payments are fraud-screened, reconciled, authorized, cleared, and reported in real-time. Our dedicated team of industry experts will work with you to find the most suitable payment strategy for your target audience and business model.

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