Load Testing – ability to deploy web based eGaming initiatives with confidence

On-Demand Realistic Web Load Testing and Performance Testing from Player’s Browser to Data Center

Reality Load enables eGaming operators to proactively find and resolve application and website performance, availability, and quality problems across the entire Web application delivery chain.

With Reality Load you can test eGaming application components delivered from both your data center and across the Internet, including Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), news feeds, ads, analytics, payment service provision and CRM platforms.

Reality Load is an easy-to-use, on-demand Web load test eGaming website performance testing solution built to ensure the success of critical eGaming web-based initiatives. Unlike other solutions that don’t realistically simulate load from the players perspective, Reality Load generates scalable, high volume, data center-based and real-world load from thousands of our Last Mile™ desktops around the globe. The result is the most accurate measurement of response times and player experiences under load.

Key Web Load Testing Features and Capabilities

Combines high volume eGaming application load and performance testing with broad geographic experience testing

  • Test across geographies, measuring eGaming web application performance at peak loads from your players perspective
  • Select test locations from among 150,000+ real, consumer-grade desktops around the world
  • Use commercial browsers on the Gomez Last Mile to obtain the most accurate data possible on performance from the players point of view.

Test both internal and external eGaming web application components across the entire web application delivery chain

  • Easily record and reuse tests to emulate the range of player activities that load and performance testing re-creates
  • Record and run concurrent multiple transactions to simulate real player behavior.
  • Build test scripts once and run them for both load and performance testing (the Last Mile™ network) and application monitoring (Active Monitoring)

Realistically Load Test your eGaming Mobile Web sites and eGaming applications from the cloud

  • Easily record eGaming mobile web and eGaming application transactions across 5.000+ device profiles
  • Generate high volume load from multiple locations outside your datacenter to find break points in your mobile infrastructure
  • Understand how players experience your mobile web applications during peak traffic times

Detailed, easy-to-understand analysis and reporting

  • Track load levels, performance and availability at the test, script page and object level during and after testing
  • Generate standard reports and charts as well as data all the way down to the host and object-level from across the Computrad/Gomez Network
  • Drill down into specific load problem areas all the way to object-level response time contributors from player desktops on the Last Mile™ network. This provides unparalleled insight into real player experience by geography and ISP.

Why Reality Load ?

Find and fix player experience and performance problems that are undetectable with other solutions

  • Computrad’s “outside-in” testing approach finds problems missed by lab-based “behind the firewall” solutions
  • Last Mile™ testing finds problems across the entire Web application delivery chain that cloud or data center-only solutions miss
  • Provides the only true picture of Web performance from the players perspective

Most accurate and real-world web load and performance testing

  • Test from where your players are located (new markets, top revenue-generating locations, popular regions, etc) by selecting from over 150,000+ load generating consumer-grade desktops
  • Measure performance as your players actually experience it from the world’s largest Web load and performance testing network
  • Uncover geographical response time discrepancies that may surface under load, before real players are impacted

Improve your bottom-line

  • Eliminate the expense of building a large testing infrastructure
  • Ensure success of critical eGaming web-based business initiatives
  • Increase customer retention and player satisfaction with improved website performance

Load test your way

  • On-demand flexibility, ease of use and scalability
  • Leverage Computrad/Gomez’s on-demand resources and best practices for agile, responsive and timely testing
  • Self-service and managed-service deployment options

When to Use Gomez for Web Load Testing

Computrad using Gomez Reality Load enables eGaming operators to deploy new web-based initiatives with confidence. 

Use Reality Load when:

  • Launching marketing and sales campaigns
  • Rolling out, new eGaming websites, applications and features
  • Planning for seasonal games, annual fixtures and other spikes in web traffic
  • Upgrading or virtualizing infrastructures
  • Deploying new mobile initiatives

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