iGaming Jurisdictions

Prominent stable jurisdictions

Computrad operate in all the prominent stable jurisdictions, such as:

Why Computrad?

delivering a premium gaming experience

Computrad have a full understand about local rules and regulation, we have existing relationships with most of the jurisdictions Remote Gaming Trade and Industry Departments, Remote Gaming Controlling officers and Heads.

Computrad also partner with most of the Hosting Providers and data centre hosting providers local to the jurisdiction. One of the main benefits with working with Computrad is we work alongside most of the Testing and Certification companies to ensure a fast and smooth certification process to get you up and running speedily. Our aim at Computrad is to assist you every step of the way and make it as easy a possible. We also assist with Fiduciary, Legal Sevices and Tax Advice.

Where are we?

Our international offices

Central London Dubai USA
+44 (0) 207 156 5261 +44 (0)208 997 9888 (703) 286 0940
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