Automated Data Migration

Computrad can give your eGaming business a complete picture of your current backup and storage environments; quickly, safely and without disruption to your live production set-up.

Computrad will allow your eGaming operation to consolidate of all your business critical data onto the most efficient and effective strategic solution. The methodology reduces and relieves the risk of your eGaming operation from the cost and riskof maintaining your backup, recovery and storage infrastructures.

Our solution allows utilising the full potential of your backup and storage investments, ensuring legal compliance with the many new and varied regulatory bodies and LGA’s whilst avoiding wasted man hours and costs associated with legacy lock-in and considerably reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Using a unique analysis engine Computrad will quickly understand

  • Backup schedules
  • Retention policies
  • Data occupancy
  • Daily volumes

Getting a clear insight into your current storage environment, understanding how it’s performing and keeping control of your legacy information is essential for compliance issues such as France’s Arjel and Italy’s AAMS within eGaming. With the Butterfly Analysis Engine you achieve all this and much, much more. Butterfly enables you to achieve your retention and recovery objectives and responsibilities, keep control of your legacy information and discover the analysis data that you need for operational efficiency.

Computrad through our service will enable you to achieve:-

  • Agent-less empirical data capture
  • A target solution for your eGaming organization coupled with a solid supporting business case with REAL return on investment figures
  • A Visualisation of your total environment size and complexity
  • Actionable information in day and not months.

Consolidate all of your data onto a single strategic backup and storage platform

With the Computrad Solution you can:

  • Understand your legacy systems Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Finally realise the huge cost and risk savings from consolidating infrastructure
  • Safely migrate all your legacy data automatically
  • Remove legacy skillsets, maintenance & licence fees
  • Free up data centre resources by decommissioning your old hardware

Modern eGaming infrastructures are constantly evolving. Organic growth, acquisitions and mergers, plus the simple passing of time means the storage and backup of vital historic information becomes an unwieldy and complex environment; costing huge amounts in inefficient practices and maintenance of legacy systems.

While the deployment of the latest storage and backup solutions brings benefits moving forward, they inevitably leave behind a legacy environment that in itself is a challenge to even discover, analyse and manage it all.

Computrad will help you better understand and improve your recovery time objectives (RTO) and your recovery point objectives (RPO) in the future. In addition, Computrad will manage your historic data migration with precision and control, eliminating risk of information loss and streamlining your data files into their most efficient formats, and all without disruption to your live production host environment.
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