Gaming website application performance and operational monitoring

Optimize Web and Mobile Application Performance from the First Mile to the Last Mile

Computrad with Gomez’s Web Performance Management is an on-demand monitoring solution that enables eGaming operators to optimise their Web and mobile application availability, performance and quality. The Web Performance Management helps ensure your eGaming business critical transactions are performing optimally, alerts you to performance issues, prioritizes them based on the eGaming operators business requirements, and isolates their root causes.

Today’s eGaming applications require new performance management approaches. Egaming applications come together at the browser, where content and services are assembled from multiple sources originating inside and outside your data center. End user experience and application performance problems can occur anywhere along the entire web application delivery chain  

Computrad utilising Gomez ‘s engine provides the broadest visibility and deepest diagnostics from the First Mile to the Last Mile using our network of 150+ Internet Backbone and 150,000+ Last Mile locations across 2,500+ ISPs in 168+ countries

Key Web Performance Management Features and Capabilities

Computrad with Gomez ‘s on-demand Web Performance Management solutions provide access through a self-service Web portal to the key operational and experiential monitoring areas needed to deliver high-quality and high-performing eGaming Web applications. These include:

  • Website Backbone Monitoring from over 150 global locations
    Operational monitoring, alerting and optimization of eGaming Web performance across multiple browsers, from enterprise-class servers in the Internet Backbone, to detect application, infrastructure, Internet or third party problems.
  • First Mile Real-Player Monitoring
    Real-user monitoring appliance that extends a SaaS-based ‘outside-in’ view further into the data center, enabling prioritization of Web performance problems based on the eGaming business impact and more precise root cause isolation.
  • Browser-based Real-Player Monitoring
    Measuring performance directly from your players browsers while they are accessing your Web and Rich eGaming Internet Applications to understand the business impact of player performance problems and ensure that your VIP Players can complete transactions and have a satisfied experience. The player retention teems will be very interested in understanding that their VIP players have the best player experience possible.
  • Last Mile Active Monitoring from over 150,000 global locations
    Active monitoring from 150,000+ real, consumer-grade desktops providing broad geographic insight into real-world performance issues, including the impact of bandwidth, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), local ISPs and wireless carriers.
  • Multimedia and Streaming Monitoring
    Operational monitoring of streamed and multimedia content availability, performance and quality metrics from your players’ browsers and from locations around the world.
  • Mobile Web Application Monitoring
    Operational monitoring of mobile Web performance and availability to detect mobile and SMS performance and availability problems with mobile eGaming Web applications, carriers and in key geographies.

Why Web Performance Management?

Eliminate blind spots across the entire Web application delivery chain, from the browser on a real player’s computer, across the Internet and third party providers, to the infrastructure running inside your data centers. Powered by Gomez’s “Record once, playback anywhere” technology, Computrad with Gomez gives you deep diagnostic detail, accuracy and actionable data needed to:

  • Rapidly detect, prioritize and resolve problems that directly impact your players
    • Identify the root cause of issues using the Gomez “First Mile to Last Mile” dashboard
    • Quantify the business impact to your eGaming operation of performance problems
    • Ensure Web application availability and performance for key and VIP player segments, transactions and geographies using the world’s largest and most representative testing network
  • Optimize Web application performance
    • Improve Web experiences across mobile, streaming and Web eGaming applications (including Rich Internet Applications)
    • Reduce downtime and response times with detailed object-level, page, connection and host data across multiple browsers (e.g. IE7, IE8 & Firefox)
  • Make smart technology investments and manage service providers effectively
    • Quantify the benefits of technology investments such as Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), virtualization and infrastructure changes
    • Ensure Service Level Agreement compliance

When to Use Web Performance Management

In addition to ongoing operational monitoring, eGaming operators use Computrad an Gomez to solve problems across many different projects such as :-

  • Launching and Upgrading a new eGaming Web Site
    Will our Website work properly on all browsers for all players around the world?
  • Infrastructure Changes
    Will our eGaming Web applications perform as well or better after the changes?
  • Managing Cloud Computing Resources 
    How do we ensure our providers are delivering as promised?
  • Building Rich Internet Applications
    Do these new features perform well for our VIP Players ?
  • Delivering Mobile Applications
    Is our new mobile eGaming offering available and performing optimally on different devices?
  • Virtualization of Applications
    Are we performing better or worse after virtualization? Are we more consistent?
  • Content Delivery Network Selection and Optimization
    Are we selecting the right vendor? Is the service optimized for our players?
  • Data Center Consolidation 
    When can we consider consolidation and ensure that our eGaming Web applications still perform well?
  • Service Level Management
    How can we ensure that our key vendors and third party providers are delivering as promised?



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