Fraud Mitigation Automation

Behavior based eGaming Fraud Protection

Protection against fraud should be a key element of any interactive gaming strategy and should be implemented by experts. At Computrad, we know the importance of this issue and look to deliver automated fraud mitigation to further increase protection.

Current Technologies:

Current fraud mitigation solutions are reputation based and do not consider player or user behaviour. These solutions output RAG messages (Red, Amber and Green) based on historic information and can often lead to a number of issues when attempting to mitigate the risk:

  • Expensive and requires large teams to make a decision about what to do with Amber messages.(Large number of personnel in 3 rotating 8 hour shifts)
  • Time Consuming and prone to human error
  • Slow in live gaming which sometimes leads to Operators switching off solutions during peak period.
  • Loss of revenue as current setup is too slow

Our Technology:

Computrad fraud automation provides the ability to monitor player behaviour allowing us to more effectively detect high risk interactions with your eGaming platform.

  • Ability to Monitor Player Behaviour, Detection and Analysis
  • Anti cheating detection (same individual controlling a Casino table as an example)
  • Suspicious gambling pattern detection
  • Anti site scraping based on behaviour analysis
  • AUTOMATIC “on the fly” IP address blocking

Our system will also provide technology that can track a player’s movements within your platform allowing customised ‘in-play’ betting options to be delivered based on the history of the player.

This intelligent, anti-fraud system will over time significantly reduce losses and human overheads whilst increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

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