Managed External DNS

Computrad can accelerate your external DNS

Increase speed, reliability, security and performance on the internet for your players with Computrad's External DNS Acceleration service, designed specifically for eGaming operators.
Utilising the most advanced routing technology, our managed external DNS service significantly reduces internet latency by resolving all DNS requests to the topologically closest name server.

Granular Control

Hierachial manageability provides unprecedented levels of granular control, allowing eGaming operators to manage their DNS according to both business and operational requirements. Consequently, the service provides significantly better performance, manageability, scalability, and security over legacy DNS implementations.

External DNS Acceleration Benefits

The Managed External DNS Service offers eGaming businesses fast, seamless, fail-safe Internet connections with never-fail address resolution that always keeps networks online and available for your players. This is achieved through a number of technological innovations:

Protection against pharming attacks-ensuring security for your online operations.

Protecting your online operations is now easier than ever with Cache Defender. This recent innovation within the Managed External DNS Service protects against malicious cache poisoning of ISP recursive servers, the primary method for launching pharming attacks on your domains, the threat of which has recently increased dramatically. In July 2008, Dan Kaminsky of Doxpara Research shook the Internet Community when he unveiled a major security vulnerability. Considered by many to be one of the most serious threats ever to face the Internet, the vulnerability occurs within the Internet's recursive DNS process, which is the first step of all on-line activity.

Enhanced DDoS protection ensures Customer zones resolve in any network condition.

The eGaming operator’s DNS data is propagated within the DNS Shield, a revolutionary extension of the Network and Directory Infrastructure Platform providing unprecedented levels of performance and security against DDoS and pharming attacks. Partnering with the largest Internet service and network providers ensures that eGaming operator DNS information resolves in less than 5 ms regardless of network conditions, because all DNS queries are resolved locally within the ISP's infrastructure. In the event of a network catastrophe on the public Internet, DNS Shield partner customers' queries are isolated from the effects and continue to be resolved locally ensuring domains powered by Computrad's External DNS Acceleration are 100% accessible.  

Advanced database technology ensures the fastest propagation on the Internet.

Managed External DNS Services leverage Oracle’s advanced replication technology so that within minutes, changes made to DNS records are propagated throughout the global server network.  The Management Portal and API allow our eGaming operator clients to change information on the fly and have those changes propagated in near real time.  In addition, the Managed External DNS Service provides record-level control of time-to-live (TTL) settings.

Advanced Routing Technology ensures fast and reliable DNS Connections.

Managed External DNS Service employs advanced IP Anycast Technology to power the global mesh of replicated, fail-safe network.  All DNS requests are directed to and processed by the topologically closest server, ensuring the fastest DNS name resolution times.  In addition, the use of the Anycast methodology ensures 100% failover capabilities.

Scalable architecture built on a global mesh of servers.

The network is maintained on multiple carrier-class Tier I backbone providers and secured in multiple collocation facilities. The Managed External DNS Service is capable of handling a site’s DNS requests, as well as those of the majority of the entire Internet.  Our client operators can leverage the Directory Services Platform to scale their DNS as their business grows.

Proprietary DNS/directory software ensures security and reliability.

Most Internet business-critical functions are supported by a best-effort DNS system delivering sub-optimal reliability—typically implemented using Berkley Internet Name Domain (BIND), an “open source” DNS server application. BIND has a history of security problems such as hijacking, spoofing, viruses, etc.  In fact, the SANS Institute reports that that BIND is the number one security vulnerability for Internet servers.  Managed DNS Service is built on proprietary technology that solves many of the problems inherent in BIND.

Management Portal provides superior manageability and visibility.

Managed DNS Service provides an advanced web-based interface that automates and simplifies the day-to-day management of DNS data.  The management portal is equipped with advanced reporting tools that detail DNS activity for all of an operator’s domains.

The API allows for remote access to Managed External DNS Service.

The XML-based API allows direct access to the Managed External DNS Service system to ensure seamless integration and management.


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