Established Operators Infrastructure

Optimising the performance of an established iGaming Operators Network Infrastructure

Computrad specialise in increasing the performance, security and availability of a iGaming operator's website.

The difference between a fast operator website and a slow one makes all the difference in the iGaming world. Computrad can perform network audits to improve website performance. Once recommendations have been made and implemented we will guarantee you a faster reponse time from your websites. This will mean more "plays per second", faster payment processing and also player retention, increased brand reputation and increased profitability for the operator. Our technology fits in between the hosting data centres and the software platform provider and we work with both to optimise your business.

Computrad have formed an established reputation for themselves by sitting in a new technology space in the iGaming market which has resulted from a maturation of the remote gaming market. We assist established operators with our unique solutions which give a technological lead against the competition. This translated very quickly to increased profitability and market share for our clients. Good technology is often the difference between a successful or failed gaming business in today's climate. Computrad work 3 of the top 5 most successful operators globally and are proud to say we have helped them get to where they are today in their businesses.

We work with operators to ensure prfitability and customer retention through highly scalable, cost effective and high performance IT systems.

Established Operator Specific iGaming Solutions

Global iGaming Partner

Computrad are the only integrator that can support and install solutions globally, having worked with most of the global operators in locations such as the UK, Isle of Man, Malta, Gibraltar, Alderney, Costa Rica, Netherland Antilles (Curacao), Kahnawake in Canada, First Cagayan and North Cagayan in the Philippines. We offer Fiduciary and Legal Services for our operator client's too.


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