eGaming Platform Acceleration

Computrad understand that eGaming clients often run multiple colocation centres and these need application optimization solutions to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Computrad’s eGaming application optimisation can provide dramatic application performance increases of your eGaming software platform that operators run their entire businesses on. eGaming applications run five, 50, or even up to 100 times faster so that data centre to data centre can send file changes at blazing speeds, around the world. Computrad also gives your eGaming business visibility into its IT infrastructure so you can analyse whether your resources are being used in the best way.

Computrad’s approach to optimsing your eGaming software platform :-

  • Minimises network latency issues
  • Lowers IT, operational, and training costs, and helps you avoid costly network bandwidth upgrades
  • Cuts the use of WAN bandwidth by 65-95 percent, and relieves network congestion – NO need to upgrade your lines
  • Transfer data faster and complete your eGaming transactions in record speeds
  • Allows your eGaming operation to implement a solution for your VIP players allowing them to access your eGaming applications that rely on HTTP and HTTPS up to 60 times faster.
  • Allows a simple software package installed on laptops or desktops. That means users don’t need to learn new technologies, change existing processes, or find new ways to collaborate
  • Is offering web application acceleration using caching, compression
  • Cut Recovery Point Objective (RPO) by 90 percent and radically reduce Recovery Time Objective (RTO) by optimizing backup between your datacentres. This protects servers, SANs, NAS etc. This ensures players can continue to operate at full capacity in the event of major or minor disruptions.
  • Offers in general a 6 months Return on Investment

The objective with accelerating eGaming applications is to ensure that we deliver LAN like performance to every player for your eGaming software operation.

Accelerate across the Cloud and the WAN

The Computrad WAN optimization solution accelerates eGaming data and eGaming applications across your network — at the data center, in the cloud, at your DR sites across different jurisdictions. It is also possible to accelerate the experience of your core VIP players differentiating your operator from the rest of the competition. Computad can enhance the visibility into your eGaming applications over the WAN. Your eGaming operator business runs faster and more efficiently, saving time and cutting the cost of IT infrastructure. In fact, typically operators will see payback in about six months, on average.

An example of Acceleration offered between jurisdictions


Distance: 2502km
Latency: 26ms
Unoptimized: 15.09s
Optimized: 0.4200s
Time Savings: 14.67s
Performance Improvement: 36 times.


Distance: 2078km
Latency: 21ms
Unoptimized: 14.69s
Optimized: 0.3860s
Time Savings: 14.30s
Performance Improvement: 39 times


Distance: 2034km
Latency: 21ms
Unoptimized: 14.69s
Optimized: 0.3860s
Time Savings: 14.30s
Performance Improvement: 39 times


Distance: 8619km
Latency: 87ms
Unoptimized: 19.95s
Optimized: 0.8348s
Time Savings: 19.12s
Performance Improvement: 24 times


Distance: 1758km
Latency: 18ms
Unoptimized: 14.45s
Optimized: 0.3656s
Time Savings: 14.08s
Performance Improvement: 40 times


Distance: 2013km
Latency: 21ms
Unoptimized: 14.69s
Optimized: 0.3860s
Time Savings: 14.30s
Performance Improvement: 39 times


Distance: 1531km
Latency: 16ms
Unoptimized: 14.29s
Optimized: 0.3520s
Time Savings: 13.94s
Performance Improvement: 41 times


Distance: 4851km
Latency: 49ms
Unoptimized: 16.92s
Optimized: 0.5764s
Time Savings: 16.34s
Performance Improvement: 30 times


Distance: 5236km
Latency: 53ms
Unoptimized: 17.24s
Optimized: 0.6036s
Time Savings: 16.64s
Performance Improvement: 29 times


Distance: 7126km
Latency: 72ms
Unoptimized: 18.75s
Optimized: 0.7328s
Time Savings: 18.02s
Performance Improvement: 26 times


Distance: 5672km
Latency: 57ms
Unoptimized: 17.56s
Optimized: 0.6308s
Time Savings: 16.93s
Performance Improvement: 28 times

Accelerate DR

Data protection for eGaming operators is actually quite simple: take everything and copy it somewhere far away so that it's there in the event of a disaster such as a deep sea cable being cut. The trick lies in doing this efficiently and reliably. WAN optimization implemented by Computrad can help you protect larger amounts of data, recover it faster, and ultimately save money increasing your profitability.
In the event of a major outage, disaster, or disruption to your IT network the biggest challenge is figuring out how to move terabytes of data across your WAN and fast.

Computrad solutions offer both industry-leading network visibility and accelerated data replication that work with your existing storage and backup applications. The management console re recommend and utilize detects problems significantly faster than other approaches, while the appliances replicates data at high speeds and transfers huge data loads over the WAN to achieve full operations as fast as possible.
The Computrad approach optimizes disaster recovery across the widest range of backup mechanisms, with no changes to your software or storage. That means your eGaming business can leverage its previous investments into a faster, more reliable disaster recovery solution.

eGaming Database Acceleration

All eGaming operators reply on database back-ends like MS-SQL. However, like Exchange and Windows, MS-SQL relies on its own application-level protocol (Tabular Data Stream or TDS) that rides on top of TCP. The chatty nature of the TDS protocol can limit the performance of your application, no matter how much bandwidth is available.

By partnering with Computrad who utilize an MS-SQL latency module, many applications that rely on MS-SQL will run faster over the internet WAN infrastructure. This enables you to roll out your current eGaming applications more successfully and completely.

Some other database applications, such as Oracle 11i and 12 E-Business Suites, are usually accessed as web-based applications. These HTTP and HTTPS connections can also be accelerated, and both SunJRE and JInitiator for the Oracle Forms Java virtual machine, delivering high performance for end users anywhere are supported.


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