eGaming multimedia and streaming monitoring

Protect the Quality of Multimedia eGaming Web Experiences for All Your Players

Multimedia video and audio content is now the fastest growing eGaming content type on the Internet. A lot of effort and investment goes into acquiring that player an producing the eGaming mobile application. If, however, the video stream is not available, you end up with “dead air.” As a result, the message has no impact and you generate no revenue from players. And if the stream buffers repeatedly and eGaming players have to wait too long or too often, the result is a poor customer experience. Both outcomes can have a negative impact on your eGaming brand and diminish revenue.

Protect your content investments and ensure the quality of streaming experiences for your players around the world. Computrad and Gomez provide two solutions to monitor and protect the quality of your streaming media delivery:

  • Active Streaming, which automatically replicates a player requesting your streaming content and alerts you to availability, start-up time and delivery quality issues from locations around the world.
  • Actual Experience, which tags your Flash media player and collects streaming performance data from your players as they interact with the video content on your eGaming Website.

Each of our streaming monitoring solutions provide the diagnostic details needed to rapidly identify delivery problems with either a Content Delivery Network or content you deliver in-house. Both help you find quality issues that impact your players in different geographies across the entire Web application delivery chain.

Key Active Streaming and Actual Player Experience Features and Capabilities

Both Active Streaming and Actual Experience are available on-demand with consumption-based pricing if necessary.

Active Streaming

Actual Experience

  • Support for Windows Media, Progressive Flash, streaming Flash, .F4V file formats and H.264 codec
  • Support for HTTP, RTMPS, RTMPE transport protocols
  • Testing across multiple geographies to measure streaming performance
  • E-mail alerts for availability, start-up time and quality issues
  • Easy-to-use test setup and self-service test administration
  • Detailed waterfall view of component times for individual test runs
  • Monitor Flex and Streaming Flash video and audio content
  • Capture your real-players’ streaming performance across geographies and browsers
  • Track and alert on the custom events you choose
  • Measure performance across the entire video stream (including inserted advertisements)

Why Use Active Streaming and Actual Experience?

With our streaming monitoring solutions eGaming operators gain access to an on-demand, self-service and integrated monitoring platform that is designed to:

  • Diagnose Web eGaming experience problems with multimedia content
  • Monitor the quality, availability and performance of streaming media
  • Receive alerts for problems with revenue generating content and in key geographies
  • Validate the readiness of infrastructure during change management periods
  • Pinpoint problems for key player groups including VIP’s with flexible charting and reporting
  • Optimize streaming media performance and quality for your players
  • Improve players streaming performance across ISPs, browsers and geographies
  • Quantify the quality of your streaming content delivery with an objective, numeric quality score
  • Tune performance and delivery across different media types, video sizes (full-screen, small window, etc.) and bit-rates
  • Improve CDN selection, optimization and management
  • Quantify the performance benefits of CDN investments for your key geographies
  • Objectively measure Service Level Agreements

When to Use Active Streaming and Actual Experience

Computrads streaming monitoring enables eGaming operators to rapidly identify and resolve problems based on detailed and objective performance, availability and quality metrics. You need to ue our streaming monitoring solutions when you need to:

  • Monitoring the Day-to-Day Operational Availability and Performance of Streaming Media
  • Measuring the VIP and other player’s experience in Key Geographies and for Multiple Browsers
  • Indentifying Quality Issues such as Long Startup Times and High Rebuffering Ratios for your players
  • Choosing a Content Delivery Network for Streaming Media
  • Ensuring SLA compliance

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