eGaming DDoS Mitigation

With new security threats emerging on a daily basis, it is vital to keep protection up to date and running efficiently. Computrad provide award winning DDoS mitigation, live and in real time. Our state of the art solution will keep networks protected against distributed denial of service attacks, which have been known to greatly affect eGaming operators causing huge losses in revenue due to lack of service availability.

The Growing Need for DDoS Detection and Protection

Aided by a growing number of "botnets" and increased criminal sophistication, DDoS attacks against eGaming businesses and applications are becoming larger and more frequent, making it extremely difficult for IT organizations to keep pace. Traditional solutions no longer provide sufficient protection from most DDoS attacks. Given the potential risks to an eGaming business’s revenue and reputation from application or system downtime, it's critical your business continuity strategy include an effective DDoS mitigation solution.

What is DDoS?

A DDoS attack is an online security threat that will intentionally misuse website bandwidth in order to cause disruption to the website. DDoS attacks can be launched at any time of day and can even make use of fully automated applications to target large networks that serve thousands of users.

How Computrad DDoS protects you

Computrad DDoS mitigation will ensure your network is protected against the full range of attacks. Our solution works by analysing server requests and traffic flow that is a match with any of the attack signatures stored within the system. Coupled with real time attack signature updates, this will ensure that your network is fully protected against the latest online threats.

As soon as an attack is detected, the Computrad DDoS mitigation solution will block the attack without stopping genuine users from using the network or application. The solution will provide defence against automated intrusions and data flood attacks without blocking access to the information your users need.

DDoS protection should be a vital part of your eGaming security infrastructure to ensure that your applications are always available, increasing your revenue per player and ensuring your reputation for reliability is second to none.

In Summary:

  • Ensure your applications are always available
  • Increase Revenue per Player
  • Real Time monitoring protecting against the latest threats
  • Block attacks without blocking legitimate user traffic
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for security management

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