eGaming Player Database Security

What is one of the most important assets in an eGaming business? The player database is the usual answer.

Most operators spend NO time in protecting this most important asset and only regret this when key personnel move to different companies in this incestuous industry that we are in. At this point when the database is stolen and other confidential information is distributed to competitors then its too late.

Computrad address these solutions with several methods

Computrad’s database security solutions is the most comprehensive solution to secure databasesyou’re your eGaming  applications covering areas such as ERP, CRM, SCM and also custom applications. It addresses the following requirements:

  • Vulnerability management - discovers databases, scans them for vulnerabilities and provides remediation advise
  • Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) - identifies suspicions database activities by privileged users or application users, alerts on data theft attempts
  • Data Loss Prevention - Continuously monitors all access to Personally Identifiable Data (PID) residing in databases
  • Automation of Auditing and Compliance - automates reporting for regulations such as Arjel from France and AAMS form Italy
  • Change control - keeps track of all changes related to database structures(Data Definition Language -DDL) and users (Data Control Language -DCL)
  • Virtualization - supports both virtualized and non-virtualized environments


  • Quick deployment and intuitive initial vulnerability reports deliver immediate value and protection.
  • Accelerated security and compliance provides best practices for various regulatory bodies.
  • Automated Policy ensure that operator clients are up to date with the latest regulatory/industry policies. The product already ships with hundreds of pre-installed rules which cover known exploits, configuration weaknesses, OS issues, operational risks etc.
  • Easy deployment of Database Activity Monitoring across hundreds of databases with the help of Centralized Policy management
  • Establishes controls for Data Loss Prevention by monitoring all access to PID in databases. These controls can be further enhanced by DLP capabilities which can detect/block PID data transfer on the network
  • Completeness and accuracy of audit data is ensured by audit which captures all types of database activity from administration events to network user activity, regardless of originating command type (plain SQL or stored procedures) or connection type (ex - standard, pooled, or console).
  • Flexible audit data collection methods enable users to either utilize the native audit capabilities of databases, or to use agents which does not require the native audit to be turned on
  • Independent audit storage provides an additional security layer for audit integrity - including self-auditing of the product solutions itself
  • Standardized, exportable audit reports customizable with eGaming operator organisation branding are designed out-of-the-box to support compliance standards, with graphic trend analysis to spot and isolate patterns
  • Integration with Change management s systems is based on the captured DDLs and DCLs, which can be sent via SNMP
  • Enterprise Scalability is supported by Web-based centralized management of multiple databases which enables DBAs to quickly identify and react to database security threats; heterogeneous support includes Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and Sybase
  • Supports flexible deployments including Virtualized and Non-Virtulaized environments. Ensures consistent enterprise-wide policy enforcement, processing tens of millions of audit records from databases per day. No changes are needed in existing network configurations.

Database Security Appliance

The three appliances Computrad provides are scalable database vulnerability assessment, security and compliance solutions for enterprises in a quickly-installed, easily managed package. Vulnerability assessments can be viewed within minutes, following auto-discovery of every database on the network regardless of subnet boundaries. Its centralized web-based management application ensures consistent database security policies across the organization without imposing a high management burden on database and IT staff. In addition, an agentless operation option places no load on database operation and avoids putting any applications at risk.

  • Large eGaming Operators - for large eGaming operations, supporting up to 60 database instances
  • Midsized eGaming Operators - for mid-sized eGaming operations, supporting up to 30 database instances
  • Entry Level eGaming Operators - for small-to-medium eGaming operations, supporting up to 10 database instances

Database Security Software

Computrad’s security software extends the database security solution to the largest eGaming operators, offering centralized policy management for both Vulnerability Assessment and Database Activity Monitoring for hundreds of databases, licensed per database instance. Platforms the software can be installed on includes AIX, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solaris 10, Windows XP/Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Virtualized environments.


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