Content Delivery for eGaming

Designed from the ground up as a premium, global, high-speed, online gaming CDN

The Computrad content delivery network (CDN) is designed from the ground up as a premium, global, high-speed, online gaming CDN.

The challenges faced by online gaming operators include the cost of the distribution, the large HD rich content involved, bandwidth costly static banners, a geographically dispersed player base and the need to provide gamers with the best playing experience available.

Online gamers today expect fast loading websites, a quick and easy initial game download, seamless updates (especially with in-game betting) and, most importantly, a jitter-free, crisp visual and crystal clear audio and visual playing experience.

How our Content Delivery works

We have made slow loading sites and sluggish game reaction times problems of the past. Computrad’s strategic global points of presence, network routing, content management tools and unlimited scalability are all designed with creating a high-speed and thrilling gaming experience.

Computrad ensures that your games, whether Sportsbook, Bingo, Casino and Poker, screenshots, in-play betting and all other gaming related software and videos are always on the network edge, adjacent to your players, no matter where they are located globally. Our purpose-built gaming CDN delivers smoothly, at the highest possible speed, every time, all backed by our 100% uptime and quality guarantee.


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