About the Company

Delivering State of the Art Technology solutions to the eGaming Industry.

The difference between a fast operator website and a slow one is something as miniscule as a second, half a second or even less. Computrad are the only specialist who can give you faster reponse times from your websites after implementing our solutions. This will mean more "plays per second" transactions coupled with better brand reputation, increased player retention and increased profitability for the operator. We position ourselves in between the hosting data centres and the software platform provider.

Computrad recognised a niche by sitting in a new technology space in the iGaming market which has resulted from a maturation of the remote gaming market. We assist both startups and established operators with our unique solutions which gave a technological leading edge. This translated very quickly to increased profitability and market share for our clients. Good technology is often the difference between a successful or failed gaming business in today's climate. Computrad already work with many of the most successful operators globally and are proud to say we have helped them get to where they are today.

Traditional startup operators would approach one of the large software platform providers such as the Playtech, MicroGaming or WagerWorks of this world. They would provide full operator startup, affiliate, marketing and technology support. They all have their own capable data centres where they can host and hold multiple jurisdiction licences to meet the needs of most startups. However, five years ago this was considered to be a great offering but now as the market has matured and is even starting to consolidate the major operators need a differential - simply put they need a competitive edge. This is where Computrad can get an established or startup operator business to the next level in terms of revenue, profitability and market share.

Computrad have City of London offices and a regional HQ in Middlesex. Coupled with the UK presence we also have offices in Europe, USA (preparing for the legislation there!) and Dubai. This enables us to provide our clients with a true global presence.

Our success, technical expertise and being recognised as the industry leader in our chosen niche coupled with the continuing referrals from existing clients are a testimony to our innovative and winning strategy.


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