Betting Recommendation Engine

Maximise Revenue per Player by offering the most relevant bets

The Computrad eGaming recommendation engine looks to increase your players’ engagement with your platform by offering them personalised betting recommendations based on their history

The system will utilise big data analysis, machine learning and social movements to develop behavioural profiles to provide the perfect betting platform to your players. The system will automatically provide the player with the betting options that are relevant to them by conducting in-depth analysis using the described methods.

Key features:

  • Deliver the most relevant content to your online players based on their previous behaviour
  • Data analysed in real time
  • Works across all your eGaming platforms (Web, Social and Mobile)

Key benefits:

  • Increase Revenue per Player due to more relevant betting options
  • Improves user experience leading to good referrals
  • Increase user engagement
  • Maximise usefulness of Social channels – Show your players unique bets based on their social network activity

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